Hello everyone,
The latest update is available for Home Design 3D! To know all the details about what is included in this version, please read below:
  • Multi-selection feature! You can select several items and move them around at the same time, copy them to place the group of same objects elsewhere in one move
  • New project menu: improved interface to easily manage your projects. Select several projects and save/share them at the same time

  • Improved ergonomics with written feedbacks

Additional content

  • New general interface: modern and elegant

  • Snap feature improved by snapping object to another object to furnish your home with ease!
  • New objects including many stairs designs! Look for the NEW flag in the app 
  • Augmented Reality rendering improved (for compatible iOS devices)
  • General optimization and bug fix

Please feel free to give us your feedback on this update to our support team homedesign3d@163.com. Thank you for your understanding.

– The Home Design 3D Team

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