What’s new in the V4?

Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce the release of the new version of the Home Design 3D! The v.4.

After months of development, you can now discover all the highlights of this release: a new 3D engine, a new interface and new features that enrich the app (better graphics rendering, live 3D editing, undo/redo, altitude, outdoor designing…).

This new 3D engine requires much more capacity/memory than the v.2, mostly beause of the live 3D editing. That is why it needs to be runned on an iOS 10 device (for Apple) and quite recent devices for the other platforms. By the way, users who cannot upgrade to iOS 10 will still be able to use the V.2.9.5 version of the app.

We always listen to your feedbacks and try to take into account all of your requests. In particular we think about lot of you who wish to create floors, and we are asking you a little more patience. Our team is assiduously working on the development of this complex feature that needed to rework completely our 3D engine. We’ll make announcements when it will be ready.

Finally, users on iOS, Android, PC and Mac will be able to all share their projects on the online gallery and be part of the same Home Design 3D community!

We hope that you will appreciate this new version!

The Home Design 3D Team

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